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Tours with a nature guide

Do you know what is a boulder? Have you been to a bog? If not or if you’d like to find out more, we’ll happily introduce them to you. Come and discover the amazing nature of Lahemaa with our experienced nature guide!

Since 2006, Lahemaa Ecotourism has been running tours through Lahemaa National Park, Estonia’s largest and oldest national park. Located on the northern coast of Estonia, Lahemaa is just a one-hour drive from Tallinn. Discover the national park and its heritage with Lahemaa Ecotourism. We can arrange tours lasting from a few hours to a week, during which you’ll find fascinating bogs, traditional coastal villages, stunning manor houses, spectacular forests and more.


Tour in Viru Bog

Going to a bog is great fun during each season – bogs are extremely versatile and colourful, and not only during autumn.


Käsmu – familiar, yet unfamiliar

Käsmu peninsula has a rich cultural and natural heritage. Käsmu village, also known as Captains’ village, is an authentic coastal village in it’s most romantic essence.


Tour from Vainupea to Altja

The hike starts in Vainupea, a popular summer resort as early as during the tsarist era, and ends in the coastal village of Altja, restored to its former glory.


Whole day tour in Lahemaa

Hiking through the Viru bog, sightseeing the boulders and little waterfalls, discovering the romantic nature of traditional seaside villages.


Waterfalls of Lahemaa

Discover waterfalls of Lahemaa. We will visit 3 waterfalls - Nõmmeveski, Joaveski and Vasaristi. They're all wonderful sights to see in summer as well as in winter.


Exploring Nemunas Delta – 4 days tour in Lithuania nature (from Tallinn)

We will have a boat trip around Nemunas delta, see channels, birds, lighthouses, Curonian Lagoon, visit lighthouse, the border section, churches. We will learn to smoke fish, walk on the Aukštumalė cognitive trail, get culinary heritage education. Visit the ornithological station, the former Šilutė Prison and the Macikai Concentration Camp.


2 days trip to Ligatne – beautiful nature and interesting history.

We will visit Āraiši Lake Castle - the only reconstruction of a 8/9 – 10th century fortified settlement in Europe, Ungurmuiža manor - the unique Latvian baroque style wooden building with its one-off wall-paintings heartily. Līgatnes paper mill and the historical center of the paper mill village, secret bunker of soviet tyime, sandstone caves. Have a beer tasting in Raiskums beer factory.

Treasure hunt in Käsmu

The treasure hunt is a fun adventurous outdoor game that teachesusing a map and a compass. It is a team game that tests people’s ingenuity, observation and cooperation skills.

Cultural trips

Beautifully restored manor houses of Vihula, Sagadi or Palmse in magnificent parks, walk in our traditional villages, visit a romantic captains’ village of Käsmu.

Individual tours in Lahemaa

In addition to the existing routes, we can organise individual ones based on the wishes and interests of our clients.

MTÜ Lahemaa Ökoturism

We offer various trips with experienced nature guides to introduce the nature and cultural heritage of Lahemaa. We will look at boulders and waterfalls, visit bogs and the famous coastal villages of Lahemaa, but also less known places. We will see some manors, ancient holy groves and burial sites, the military heritage, interesting museums, and farms.

There are many possibilities to travel to a variety of sites in Lahemaa. We can explore the unique windy natural landscapes of narrow capes or walk along stony seashore to absorb the smells and eye catching sites of the Baltic Sea. We can hike in the forest, discover rivers that have cut into the limestone cliff, see waterfalls and huge glacial boulders left behind by glacial drift, enjoy easy hiking in picturesque bogs on boardwalk and admire the landscape from a watchtower. We also can visit our traditional villages, various military objects displaying their historic significance left over from the past Soviet times.

We have lot of wild animals in Estonia, but as they are hunted here, they are timid, so we rare have chance to see any of them.

Attention! At the nesting period of the seabirds from April 1st to July 15th visiting the little islands of Lahemaa is not allowed!