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Käsmu – familiar, yet unfamiliar

Käsmu peninsula has a rich cultural and natural heritage. Käsmu village, also known as Captains’ village, is an authentic coastal village in it’s most romantic essence

Discovering Käsmu

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Käsmu peninsula has a rich cultural and natural heritage; here, you can go on shorter and longer hikes.

Who would not know the white houses of the famous “Captain’s Village” and its naval school with a dignified history? Lucky boulders and a statue called Signe that kneels in the graveyard, as well as military heritage from the Soviet times are obligatory sights to visit.

Käsmu peninsula is also a gigantic natural Ice Age park with a unique boulder field and romantic rocks left behind by glacial drift. Lake Käsmu and Eru Bay are places that are unfortunately rarely visited; here, the peninsula that otherwise has a low rocky coastline throws in a surprise sandy beach and high embankment.

12€/person – (minimum price 100€)

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