Project Description

Whole day tour in Lahemaa

Hiking through the Viru bog, sightseeing the boulders and little waterfalls, discovering the romantic nature of traditional seaside villages

Lahemaa national park

Lahemaa is the oldest (established in 1971) and largest national park in Estonia representing the nature and cultural heritage, typical of  North Estonia. Here You can see picturesque forests with romantik rocks and waterfalls, mysterious bogs, beautiful seashores. There are also many historical places to visit such as our traditional villages, ruins of military objects, beautifully restored manors. You can also visit riding or handicraft farms.

You can stay in  cozy guesthous or in luxurious hotel,  even come with karavan. You can eat in first class restaurant or in pub, offers the dishes of our ancestors. There is also possible to rent out bicycle.

Whole day tour in Lahemaa

If You are interested of seeing more in Lahemaa National Park we suggest a whole day tour. It consists of tour in Viru bog, looking some huge glacial boulders or little waterfalls in forest, visiting our traditional villages near the sea, walking on narrow Cape of Pedassaare, where you can see the sea on two sides of you.

You may also have a lunch in some local pub. Whole day trip will take 7 – 8 hours.

160€ (the price does not include meals)

Other tours


Tour in Viru Bog

Going to a bog is great fun during each season – bogs are extremely versatile and colourful, and not only during autumn.


Käsmu – familiar, yet unfamiliar

Käsmu peninsula has a rich cultural and natural heritage. Käsmu village, also known as Captains’ village, is an authentic coastal village in it’s most romantic essence.


Tour from Vainupea to Altja

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Waterfalls of Lahemaa

Discover waterfalls of Lahemaa. We will visit 3 waterfalls - Nõmmeveski, Joaveski and Vasaristi. They're all wonderful sights to see in summer as well as in winter.